What is the R10k Loyalty Rewards Program?
It’s our new and only loyalty rebate rewards program designed to stimulate your business cash flow and increase profitability. The effective date is 1st February, 2019 and voids all previous programs.

How does new Membership work?
New membership is activated by a minimum of a R10,000 deposit on a prepaid and top up account. Account balance must be positive or zero at the time of each deposit in order to maintain membership.

What are the Benefits of the new Rewards Program? 
Unlimited Free Local Deliveries
Twice daily free deliveries to Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Unlimited Free Local Collections
Call/fax/email us to schedule free local collections.

50% off all other S.A. Deliveries
Customers in other areas will receive a reduced delivery rate.

30% Applicable Discount
Receive our maximum discounted price.

R500 Rebate per Qualifying Deposit
An additional R500 will be credited to your account per R10k deposit.

Priority Handling
As a member your account will receive personalized priority treatment resulting 
in a faster turnaround wherever possible.

          The R10k loyalty rewards program is designed for loyal accounts only and will be attributed accordingly.  
                Any account deemed to be attempting to abuse the nature of the loyalty program will be voided.                       
                                           Membership is not available to competitors of Lenzxpress.