Here at Lenzxpress we are UV400 fanatics. In fact since 2005 UV400 
   has been added to the monomer of our lenses. All our UV400 lenses
   provide 100% UV protection with the single exception of our blue cut
   s/v lens range which provides 100% UV420. 

   Lenzxpress is a full service laboratory and can supply lenses in stock,
   pre surfaced (iQ s/v range) and surfaced format:


 1.49 white uncoated
 1.56 UV400/HMC
 1.50 photogrey UV400/HMC
 1.50 photogrey UV400/HMC
​ 1.56 Blue Cut UV420/HMC
 1.67 aspheric UV400/HMC
 UD28 white uncoated
 UD28 photogrey UV400 HC
 UD28 photogrey UV400 HMC  
 Mulifocal white uncoated  
 Mulifocal white UV400/HMC
 Mulifocal photogrey UV400 HC
 Mulifocal photogrey UV400 HMC
 Digital Free Form multifocals 
 Branded photogrey up to 1.67  
 and more..